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Why do we need a Nutritionist?

Thankfully, due to the Pandemic, we are all getting conscious of what we eat. Health care and Nutrition have been the primary spending's of 2020. Nutrition is one of the most important parts of life which most of us have forgotten due to the influence of fast food & the work rush that has taken over. Our goal is to find an effective strategy to utilize the food and provide the necessary nutrients to keep the heart and body healthy. People often ask me if they should seek out advice from a nutritionist.

People often ask me if they should seek out advice from a nutritionist. Here are my top 5 reasons that you should consult a nutritionist.

1. Digestive Issues:

The fast foods which we consume to treat our taste buds often attract diarrhea, constipation, irregular bowel movements, heartburn, and acid reflux. We ignore the symptoms and get accustomed to it. But with a balanced diet plan, we can identify what foods your body can tolerate and what could be avoided.

2. Weight Management:

Although a lot of youngsters are concerned about weight management, there are still cases of Obesity raising among children & teenagers. Weight management is more than calories in and calories out. It also depends on the family history, hormonal levels, lifestyle & other genetic factors. CARE-ON-CALL analyses the roots to comprehend a diet plan which suits them best.

3.Fertility Issues or Planning a Pregnancy:

Consulting a nutritionist can be helpful to optimize your health throughout conception, pregnancy, and birth. Nourishing meal plans do enhance your health and the health of your child. This is an excellent time to ensure you and your child have all the necessary nutrients for optimal growth and development. We suggest not to eat anything & everything during this crucial phase.

4.The picky eaters

Children often get picky with what they eat. Irrespective of their nutritional abilities, they choose to eat only specific foods with a certain color, smell, or texture. Every parent complains about their children not eating the right food. But getting the best out of the food they eat is worth discussing with

our dieticians.

5. Everyday Diet

Learning about the key nutritional needs is very important. Every special diet has an impact on your health. Choosing a handful of vegetables may lack key nutrients that could lead to nutritional deficiencies. We can help you with the challenges associated with special diets when you eat out, travel, and socialize. The power of a healthy diet can be life-changing, it improves mental health too. Food is considered as medicine to stress as it elevates the mood. We are acclaimed Dieticians in Bangalore, you can contact us for Diet consultations & we will reach your doorstep in no time.

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