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Why do we need Covid-19 negative certificate?

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

These are unprecedented times we live in. For many of us, it was the first time the world came to a virtual standstill. While certain nations have managed to control the spread, others are experiencing a second wave and that means COVID-19 is going to be here for a while. As educational institutions, offices, and Air travel resumes in a staggered manner, the protocols put in place by Government agencies require you to get tested to enable a safe working environment.

The workplace can be safe again :

We understand you are missing your workspace and eager to have lunch with your colleagues again. Since some of the offices are becoming operational, they have strict testing protocols in place for employees to resuming work. This is where a COVID-19 negative-certificate comes in handy. Care on Call provides COVID-19 Certificates approved by an ICMR approved Lab within a day.

Meeting friends in College Post Covid:

Several educational institutes have made COVID-19 negative-certificates mandatory for staff and students appearing for exams. Students can now focus on exams since, at Care On Call, we provide testing at the comfort of your home and a Certificate within 24 hours of collection.

Go back to school with confidence:

The safety of your child is paramount. For this very reason, schools across the globe face the daunting task of reopening schools safely. While they seek innovative solutions and improved hygiene around the place for a particular situation, a COVID-19 negative-certificate is a basic requirement. From pupil to staff, a certificate enables everyone to resume school with confidence.

Travel is safe with COVID Negative Certificate :

Yes! You read that right. While many International destinations require a compulsory test, domestic travel doesn’t. Imagine a flight full of passengers with a COVID-19 negative-certificate, it all but ensures safety and peace of mind for all. So, get yourself tested, pack your bags, and fly with confidence.

Call us for more info on How to get tested. Meanwhile, stay alert to stay safe.

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