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Qualification: MBBS (minimum)
Location: Multiple Corporates across Bangalore City
(New Airport Road, Manyata, Yeshwantpur, Central Bangalore, Whitefield)
Experience: Min. 1 year
Must Have:
✅Valid Indian State/National medical registration
✅Good clinical skills
✅Good communication skills

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Phone / WhatsApp: +91 95133 30326

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Care On Call is an equal opportunity provider.
We do not discriminate against any factors such as age, gender, faith, color, culture, marital status, sexual identity or disability during employment.

We welcome employees into our inclusive work environment where mutual respect prevails.

 “Enhanced by diversity, United by service”

Who we are

Our team of doctors are not just passionate about medicine but passionate about helping people gain better access to quality healthcare.

We offer varied positions and responsibilities in different settings such as home, corporate, clinic or telehealth.

We assess and assign roles to suit each candidate’s unique profile.

    Our team of nurses are known for their immaculate skill and empathetic disposition.

    We offer varied positions and responsibilities in different settings such as home, corporate, clinic or telehealth.

    We assess and assign roles to suit each candidate’s unique profile.

    Being a nurse is one of the most challenging jobs. It’s physically and mentally demanding at times. Whatever at the end of the day, I feel amazing satisfaction because, for a living, I am able to help those in need, unlike in any other profession. I am really proud to be a nurse.

    Sr. Lavanya

    At the end of the day I feel very satisfied as a staff nurse in Care On Call. I fulfill the patient requirements with my medical knowledge and get blessings from each patient, and this is possible because of care on call. Thank you!.

    Sr. Bhagyashree

    I have gained a lot of exposure as a night shift nurse at Care On Call. I truly find my job excellent and suited to my needs. It also gives me the opportunity to spend time with my family during the day.

    – Br. Vinay Kumar

    Our co-ordination team functions like a well oiled machine handling the constant influx of patient calls and requests while also co-ordinating appointments with the on-ground healthcare team.

    With an ever learning attitude and calm diligence, they power through day and night shifts to ensure 24/7 reachability for our patients.

    Experience is the best teacher. Experienced a lot working with Care On Call. It’s important to express that you recognize the value of working together with doctors, other nurses and staff members. Just love working with a wonderful team😊.

    Ms. Tasmiya A

    I basically feel at home working with care on call. I really like the friendly work environment.

    -Mrs. Vijayalakshmi K

    COC is the best example of a second family. I really feel this is my family in all ways because I can count on support from COC when it comes to work or personal matters. Overall feels great to work at Care On Call.

    – Mrs. Almas Taj

    Our admin team is the most evolving team; continually growing in numbers as well as in roles and responsibilities.

    Operations, human resource, finance, business development, transport and ancillary departments all work in tandem, expertly handling an array of projects which are often complex and multifarious.

    As a staff at Care On Call I get job satisfaction, comfortable work environment , support and the motivation from my seniors. I am also gaining good exposure in my HR role, understanding employees and work culture better while also satisfying the company’s needs. I am passionate about doing justice to my role as a HR Executive.

    – Ms. Anuroopa A

    Joy flows in my soul when I recruit a right candidate to take care of our patients. I believe that COC is ” HEALING ON WHEELS”. I’m humbled to be the part of the COC family.

    -Mr Kenneth

    Working in the Finance Dept., I am able to understand patient requirements while preparing their invoices, which makes me feel connected to my job. All our HCPs provide wonderful care to patients and their needs.

    – Mrs. Kasturi

    COC gives me the opportunity to learn and work hard. I like working with my colleagues at COC.

    – Mr. Surya P

    About Us

    At the core of Care On Call, is empathy and the will to help.

    We are a pioneer healthcare company, providing on-site essential medical services at homes, corporates and hotels,


    What people say

    4.6 / 5 Stars

    4.8 / 5 Stars

    4.5 / 5 Stars

    We used your service yesterday – for my 97 year old aunt. She has no major issues, no lifestyle diseases. She fragile and moving her around is a task for her 75 year old daughter! So we called and a doctor came home and my aunt was super happy! Thanks a lot.


    Excellent Service!! My BiL had hypertension ect.. Booked a Service and inspite of the rain, the Doctor
    arrived on time and was very Friendly

    Right from the time I booked the service (Guess it was Ms. Vijaya Lakshmi who coodinated) till the time the Doctor completed his diagnosis, everything worked on well oiled wheels –  Even the
    driver had a big smile on his face when he arrived at our Doorstep bringing the Doctor with him.

    Keep up the good work.

    Ross Marian

    Extremely satisfied with the experience received from “Care on Call”. Doctor arrived within the appointment time that too being on Sunday, When none of the reputed hospitals were unresponsive.

    My Sister who is physically challenged had severe stomach pain due to the existing medicine side effects. Dr. Arka came to home and did diagnosis which was helpful in minutes and doctor waited until my sister recovered from the stomach pain.

    I never expected that Doctor at home services will be this easier and patient friendly!

    Arpita Gopalswamy

    Firstly I would like to thank Mr.Syed… who made an effort to call me back… As I lost my connection… He kept trying to reach me and help me out as I have dust allergies and I requested him to help me connect doctor.

    Secondly I would like to thank Dr. Shiv shankar who was so polite and explained me in detail the root cause of my allergy… detail explanation has helped me already feel better. thankyou doctor.

    Komal Sharma

    Featured in

    Deccan Herald

    Indian Express

    Siju Jacob Podcast

    Healthcare Executive

     “Happy to help, happy to heal!”

    Accessible, affordable and quality healthcare at your doorstep, 24×7

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